Amazon’s cloud services provider AWS and GoDaddy, the domain registration and management giant, may have been fierce rivals once, but today the hatched is buried as they come closer together in an unexpected deal. AWS has been on record stating that GoDaddy is now migrating “the majority” of its infrastructure to AWS in a multi-year deal.

AWS will in turn become a partner in selling some of GoDaddy’s well known products: Managed WordPress and GoCentral (service dedicated to managing domains and building/running websites). There is a possibility that more products will become available thorough AWS in the following months.

The GoDaddy-AWS deal is wide-ranging, but it will not include taking on domain management for GoDaddy’s 75 million domains currently under management, a spokesperson for the company confirmed. At least for now. Financial terms of the GoDaddy-AWS agreement have not been disclosed at this time.

“GoDaddy is not migrating the domains it manages to AWS,” said Dan Race, GoDaddy’s VP of communications. “GoDaddy will continue to manage all customer domains. Domain management is obviously a core business for GoDaddy.”

“As a technology provider with more than 17 million customers, it was very important for GoDaddy to select a cloud provider with deep experience in delivering a highly reliable global infrastructure, as well as an unmatched track record of technology innovation, to support our rapidly expanding business,” said Charles Beadnall, CTO at GoDaddy, in a statement.

“AWS provides a superior global footprint and set of cloud capabilities which is why we selected them to meet our needs today and into the future. By operating on AWS, we’ll be able to innovate at the speed and scale we need to deliver powerful new tools that will help our customers run their own ventures and be successful online,” he concluded.

We will update this report once further details become available.