An interesting historical nugget has been going around the interwebs for the past couple of days.

In a 2014 Quora thread titled “How much did Slack pay for its domain?” there was a single response by none other than Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, himself. Although, at the time, Slack was an unknown quantity Mr. Butterfield certainly was not.

Mr. Butterfield rise to prominence was as a founder of Flickr in the early 2000s. Flickr was a huge success, in spite of the inert market post the dot-com bust and was subsequently sold to Yahoo in 2005. Flickr’s success at that time was taken as a sign of the recovery of the Internet/dot-com industry.

Had the seller was aware of this information, he or she may have been able to extract a bit more from the sale. Ah, c’est la vie!

What do you think? Was the 60k a good and fair price for